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Welcome to OkJatt site – your one stop source for all things Punjabi. From technology to travel and from movies to news.

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Who We Are?

A team that writes, edits, and promotes quality content. 

We are a team of writers who knows how to put emotions in text. We are content creators who know how to capture the vibe. We are script writers who know how to impress the audience via videos. We are marketers who know how to promote content the right way via the right channel and to the right audience.  

What We Do?

We specialize in producing and promoting audio-visual content for the Punjabi industry.

Our work involves writing scripts, directing movies, shooting video songs, artist management and much more.

A major part of our responsibilities involve editing videos, dubbing dialogues and full-fledged recording studio operations.

On top of all these things, we run websites like OkJatt on domains like com, in and other famous names. 

Our Work on OkJatt

We take pride in working with Punjabi industry stars. From the top male actors and singers like Diljit Dosanjh to models like Sara Gurpal and from supporting actors like Rana Ranbir to female singers like Jasmine Sandlas, we have captured them all. 

We work with movie producers to promote the movie with an omnichannel approach – giving our users the entertainment they crave. 

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