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It is a sequel to Parahuna, which was released in 2018. Parahuna 2 is a 2024 release comedy drama Punjabi feature film directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary and produced by Mani Dhaliwal and Mohit Banwait, along with other producers. The sequel does not follow the story of its prequel. 

The trailer of the movie excites the audience as they get a hint that Prahuna 2 is going to be a fun ride. It is a light-hearted movie filled with witty conversations and funny dialogue. 

  • Release Date: 29 March 2024 

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The sequel of Parahuna is based on a comic plot. The father of the lead character wants him to settle abroad. The character in the lead reaches abroad, and then the aspiration to settle abroad comes to fruition when he marries a foreigner. All the drama now begins when her ex-husband appears in their life.

The plot of Parahuna 2 excites the audience to know more about the story when the ex-husband appears. Both her husbands are after her property. One more twist in the movie is that the woman they both marry is an old lady. 

Story in Brief

Story in Brief

Are you excited? The story becomes a little predictable once the plot is clear. However, watching the comic events on the silver screen will be a treat to watch. 

The movie Parahuna 2 begins with the male lead (Binder), who travels to the United Kingdom with the intention of settling there. Overwhelmed with his initially good experience of an ultra-modern lifestyle at the place where he currently lives, he cut ties with his fiance back in Punjab. 

At his current residence, he comes in contact with a young and charming foreigner. Binder gets interested in her, and they begin to form a friendly relationship. As the movie progresses, Binder starts developing feelings for her, but to his shock, she gets her mother married to him, and he cannot handle the situation; it happens so unexpectedly quickly. He had never thought of marrying an old lady, and his wit on screen is commendable. 

As he engulfed this harsh reality, thinking of acquiring the property, her ex-husband, the second male in the lead, makes an entry into the house. What’s more, he knows that Binder is after her ex-wife’s property, and so is he. Now, they both have a tiff over little situations arising daily and try to woo their wife to get her property.

Cast & Crew Of Parahuna 2


Parahuna had a huge star cast compared to its sequel. Parahuna 2 features:

  • Ranjit Bawa
  • Aditi Sharma
  • Gurpreet Ghuggi
  • Ajay Hooda are the lead characters

Other popular actors in the cast are 

  • Oshin Brar
  • Tara Kirsty Sumner
  • Faith Ailsa Tarby

The whole cast of Parahuna 2 is new except Malkeet Rauni, who was seen in the character of Dharma Wapaari in the former one. 

The crew includes:

  • Writer: Dheeraj Rattan
  • Dialogues: Chanchal Dabra
  • Digital Promotion: Venom Media
  • Editor: Vinaypaul & Gagan Sachdeva
  • Worldwide Distribution: White Hill Studios
  • Producers: Gurpreet Singh Goga, Inder Nagra, Surinder Sohanpal & others


Parahuna 2 Songs

The music of the movie is given by Desi Crew, Jaggi Singh, and Daoud Beats. Kaven Roy has composed the background score. The lyrics penned down by D Harp, Jaggi Singh, and Pargat Kotguru are sung by Ranjit Bawa, Ajay Huda, Kamal Khan, and D Harp. All the songs of Parahuna 2 are available on Saregama Music Company. The audience loves Galla Do Mithiye and Family Di Member songs in the movie. These songs have received millions of views on YouTube.

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Parahuna vs. Parahuna 2

Parahuna was well-received by the audience as the genre was the same as the latest release, but it followed a different story. Parahuna did not receive that big commercial response, and it underperformed in terms of Boxoffice collections. However, Parahuna 2 is also expected to have a good commercial opening at the theaters. 


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