Aaja Mexico Challiye



Aaja Mexico Challiye

Movie name: Aaja Mexico Challiye

Language: Punjabi

Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama

Release Date: February 25, 2022

Director: Rakesh Dhawan

Aaja Mexico Challiye is a Punjabi thriller that presents insight into the world of illegal immigration and the dreams, desperation, and dangers associated with it. The film is about Pamma, who has a burning desire to leave his homeland for a brighter future. So, get ready for a story based on the themes of ambition, risk, and the relentless human spirit against all odds in life.

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Movie Synopsis

  • Pamma, a young Punjabi man, dreams of reaching the United States for a better life, believing it holds the key to his prosperity, but is unable to secure legal means.
  • The agent sets Pamma on a “donkey flight”, starting with Mexico to enter the US. He encounters various travelers, each with their reasons for this risky journey.  
  • As they move through Central America, the group is subjected to dangerous conditions, exploitation by human smugglers, and the threat of authorities. Resulting in tensions among the travelers, leading to more difficulties on the way.

Story of Aaja Mexico Challiye

Aaja Mexico Challiye story

Pamma is the center of the story who dreams of reaching America by hook or by crook. So he meets an agent who promises a secret route, a “donkey flight” through Mexico.

The film further showcases Pamma arriving in Mexico and joining a group of fellow immigrants, among them a Pakistani man and an Iranian woman. Together, they start their journey northward with the help of human smugglers. The group experiences hunger, exploitation, and constant fear of being caught by authorities. However, the desperation increases, fueled by their shared goal but also by limited resources in tough situations. 

As they approach the US border, circumstances take a dark turn. Pamma encounters a life-or-death situation, forcing him to make a choice. Now, his actions haunt him even as he makes a desperate gamble to finally cross the border into the US.

The film’s end finds Pamma inside the United States, but at a heavy cost. He survived, but the American Dream he chased is tarnished. He faces an uncertain future in a foreign land. Aaja Mexico Challiye ends on a bittersweet note, illustrating the harsh reality that often lies behind the attraction of illegal immigration.  

Aaja Mexico Challiye Cast and Crew

Aaja Mexico Challiye cats and crew

The movie takes us on a rollercoaster ride through Pamma’s journey. Pamma is played by Ammy Virk, a renowned Punjabi actor and singer. Alongside him, we have

Actor/Actress Character
Nasir Chinyoti Parminder 
Yasaman Mohsani Yaza
Honey Mattu Jerry
Zafri Khan Guddu
Mintu Kapa Makkhan
Baljinder Kaur Pamma’s mother
Sukhwinder Chahal Pamma’s father
Aman Kaur Dheer Satwant Pamma’s sister

The Other crew members of Aaja Mexico Challiye includes:

  • Director and Writer: Rakesh Dhawan
  • Music: Gurmeet Singh, Bhai Manna Singh, Avvy Sra
  • Cinematography: Navneet Misser

Songs in Aaja Mexico Challiye

Songs in Aaja Mexico Challiye

Here’s a list of the notable songs featured in Aaja Mexico Challiye, along with noteworthy details:

  • Ser Nai Palosda: Music by Gurmeet Singh, Lyrics by Harmanjeet
  • Safran Te: Lyrics by Bir Singh, Music by Bhai Manna Singh, Singer is Bir Singh
  • Bhali Kare Kartar: Lyrics by Bir Singh, Music by Bhai Manna Singh, Singers are Ammy Virk & Bir Singh
  • Amreeka Wale: Lyrics by Happy Raikoti, Music by Avvy Sra, Singer is Happy Raikoti

These songs in the movie’s soundtrack effectively complement the narrative, drawing the audience deeper into the emotional journey and struggles faced by the characters.

Reviews on Aaja Mexico Challiye

Reviews on Aaja Mexico Challiye

The movie received mixed reviews. Ammy Virk’s performance and action sequences were praised, but it faced criticism for predictability and underdeveloped supporting characters. This thought-provoking Punjabi movie sheds light on the struggles and complexities of illegal immigration.

Budget and Box Office Collection

Unlike many films, Aaja Mexico Challiye (2022) went straight to the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar, bypassing cinemas altogether.

It is estimated to gather a gross income of around ₹23.72 Crore (approximately $28.4 million).

Here’s a breakdown of its reported earnings:

  • India Net Collection: ₹10.68 Crore (domestic box office earnings after taxes and exhibitor fees)
  • Overseas Gross: ₹13.04 Crore (international box office earnings)

It had a mid-range budget of about ₹50 crores. According to reports, 4,800,000 people watched the movie on Disney+ Hotstar in its first week of release. This put it in fourth place among the most-watched Indian content that week, indicating the streaming audience’s positive reception.


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