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Aren’t you curious if Gaama has left the gold smuggling mafia or is still a puppet in their hands? Blackia 2 was released to continue the life story of Gaama on 8th March 2024. Navaniat Singh directed the sequel, and Dev Kharoud is again seen in the role of Gaama.

It is a comparatively low-budget film that was shot in parts of Rajasthan, especially in places that resemble rural Punjab before its urbanisation. The poster of the movie shows Gaama as a leader of the gold mafia, and the trailer gives insight into the story. 

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BLACKIA-2 Movie Scene

It is a sequel to its first release, Blackia, in 2019, in which Gaama is pulled into gold smuggling by his father. Gaama’s father was a gold smuggling agent who wanted him to do the same, but his mother wanted him to lead a respectable life. So, to pick between his parents’ thoughts, he chose his mother’s idea of living. When he grew up, he did not want to have any connection with this illegal smuggling business. However, it is not easy for a son to not follow the legacy of his father, so even if he did not want to be a part of it, he got involved in smuggling. He witnessed a lot of violence and corruption, so a part of him always longed to escape. He is not a typical villain, so he is confused as to whether to stay on the path of crime or find the courage to escape it all at once. 

Blackia 2’s grounding is all set, so it is also an action-packed drama. The film further continues the life story of Gaama. He is in the dark world. He looted his counter-gold smugglers to become the leader of the gold smuggling mafia himself. However, he is also being portrayed as a good soul. Many worship him for his good deeds. He is shown helping people in need. Therefore, the sequel to Blackia beautifully portrays the themes of morality, loyalty, betrayal, and redemption. 

Cast And The Crew

Blackia 2, Lead Cast

Dev Kharoud reprises his role as Gaama from the first movie, along with other actors in the lead.

  • Japji Khaira
  • Aarushi Sharma
  • Yaad Grewal
  • Lucky Dhaliwal

Other popular actors who were cast in Blackia 2 are Samuel John, Yaad Grewal, Lucky Dhaliwal, Shivendra Mahal, and Kumar Ajay.

The crew of Blackia 2 includes:

  • Directors: Navaniat Singh and Bobby Aujla 
  • Story Writer: Dev Kharoud
  • Dialogue writer: Inderpal Singh
  • Screenplay: Inderpal Singh
  • Cinematographer: Harmeet Singh and Jitan Harmeet Singh
  • Editor: Rohit Dhiman
  • Producers: Sandeep Bansal, Mona Ohri and Vivek Ohri

There are many more crew members in various other departments, including designers, stunt directors, camera operators, and lightmen, who make the screen adaptation of the script possible. 

Music in Blackia 2

Blackia 2, Music

The music of Blackia 2 is given by the Desi Crew musical group. Songs in the movie are 

  • Short Name Jatt Da Blackia by Speed Records in Himmat Sandhu’s voice is a 2:49 long song. It received 25.8L+ views on YouTube. Gill Raunta writes the lyrics of the song, and the composition is by Avvy Sra.
  • Sharab in Gurlez Akhtar’s voice received 5.6L+ views on YouTube.
  • Bakrey Bulanda Sara Pind is a 2:22 long song sung by Ninja.

Budget and Boxoffice Collection

Blackia 2 movie was made on a Budget of Rs 10 Crores, which included all of its production expenses of Rs 8 crores and the rest of Rs 2 crores spent on print and advertising. In India, it occupied 400 screens and 300 screens worldwide, grossing a total of Rs 15 crores to be called a hit. 


Blackia 2 was made with the aim of serving the Punjabi audience with a different cinematic experience than its mainstream cinema. According to the audience, it is a LIT movie as they get to see action, romance, and drama all in one. It has a unique storyline that is well adapted on screen, with background music intensifying its on-screen appeal. 

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