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A Punjabi drama breaking the old conventions of Punjabi mainstream cinema. Kali Jotta was released on 3 February 2023 in Indian cinemas. After that on 13 April 2023, the film was available for digital streaming on Chaupal. After its release on the OTT platform, it was watched by so many people that it broke records for online viewership in mere hours.

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The Plot

Kali Jotta tells the story of Rabia, a schoolteacher. She is a happy-go-lucky character who expresses her love to Deedar but gets disheartened as he gets into relation with another woman. The story takes a serious turn as Rabia starts facing harassment at the hands of her male colleagues. The film further explores the bond between Rabia and her student, Anant, who becomes a lawyer and fights for her justice many years later.

Story Of Kali Jotta

Story for Kali Jotta

The powerful drama of Kali Jotta is unique in itself, far-fetched from mainstream Punjabi cinema. It highlights the impact of mental torture faced by women, leaving them heartbroken. It takes a toll on the male-dominant societal unsaid rules and boundaries made for women.

The story starts when the character of the lawyer returns to her hometown and, while meeting old acquaintances, comes to know about her childhood teacher named Rabia. She comes to know that Rabia is mentally unstable, and no one really knows and likes to talk about her. Then, in flashback, the back story of Rabia’s character is narrated as a fun-loving woman. She is in love with the male character named Deedar. She teases him openly, and Deedar also likes her but is too shy to open up about it. 

Their life takes respective turns as Rabia gets a government job, making her financially independent. Meanwhile, Deedar gets hitched with another woman. Rabia is left heartbroken as a young woman without a father is now alone. Despite being financially independent, she is harassed by her male colleagues.

The film showcases how a young woman is in peril and falls prey to the predators around her in society. In particular, how patriarchy treats women. Rabia is a victim who becomes mentally unstable as she reaches her saturation, where she cannot tolerate the injustice against her. Now, Anant is going to help her seek justice after so many years, who remembered her and wants her back to normal.

Cast And Crew

Kali Jotta Cast

Kali Jotta is a crime drama film directed by Vijay Kumar Arora. Harinder Kaur has written the script for the movie. The performances of Satinder Sartaaj, Neeru Bajwa, and Wamiqa Gabbi bring the story alive on the silver screen, with everyone playing their part with precision. Here is a table listing the supporting cast and their respective roles in the Kali Jotta movie.

Actor/Actress Role
Satinder Sartaaj Deedar
Neeru Bajwa Rabia
Wamiqa Gabbi Anant
Prince Kanwaljit Singh Boota
Nikita Grover Goldy
Roopi Rupinder Gurinder
Gurpreet Bhangu Teacher
Anita Devgan Mental Person

Movie Songs

The music composition is by Beat Minister, while Raju Singh provides the background score. Along with acting, Satinder Sartaaj has also written lyrics for some of the songs. Here is a breakdown of the songs in the movie, along with their respective composers, music directors, lyricists, and singers:

  • Nihar Len De: Sung by the renowned Satinder Sartaaj 
  • Rutba: This soulful melody establishes the emotional tone of Rabia’s journey 
  • Naach: a joyful song voiced over by Sunidhi Chauhan
  • Koyelan Kookdiyan: an upbeat track that adds vibrancy to Kali Jotta’s soundtrack
  • Koshish Ta’n Kariye emphasizes the importance of striving for a better future
  • Ohde Baad is all about the complexities of relationships and their aftermath
  • Dila’n Di Gall highlights the inner voice and the courage to fight for what is right

Budget And Box Office Collections

The shooting took place in Punjab, so the budget estimates of the film to be around ₹4.5 crore, whereas the box office collections are:

  • Domestic: ₹20.84 crore 
  • International: ₹21.69 crore 
  • Worldwide Gross: ₹42.53 crore 

Reviews Of Kali Jotta Movie

Kali Jotta received positive reviews from both the audience and the critics. The power-packed performances by the lead actors, especially Neeru Bajwa, coupled with a strong social message, resonated deeply. This Punjabi drama was critically acclaimed for its representation of societal issues. It was capable of evoking emotions that left a lasting impact. 


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