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If you’re a fan of Punjabi cinema, then you’re in for a treat with Neeru Bajwa’s latest offering, “Buhe Bariyan”. Known for her captivating performances, Bajwa has once again taken the lead in a film that’s been buzzing with anticipation since its trailer dropped.

“Buhe Bariyan” isn’t just another movie; it’s a cinematic journey that promises to showcase the unbreakable spirit of women. With a stellar cast including Nirmal Rishi, Rubina Bajwa, and more, this film has set high expectations. Let’s dive into what makes “Buhe Bariyan” a must-watch and if it lives up to the hype.

Overview of Buhe Bariyan Movie

When you decide to spend an evening watching a movie that roots for the unbreakable spirit of women, “Buhe Bariyan” stands out as an enticing option. Directed by Uday Pratap Singh and starring a constellation of talent led by Neeru Bajwa, this film has been creating quite the stir. At its core, “Buhe Bariyan” is not just a narrative; it’s a showcase of Pollywood’s fineness, bringing together names such as Nirmal Rishi, Rubina Bajwa, and several others who’ve given their best performances to date.

The film is an intricate tapestry of emotions, cultures, and relentless determination. It follows a story that resonates deep within the heart of anyone watching, making it more than just entertainment; it’s an experience. As the curtain rises, the story embarks on a journey filled with challenges, joys, and the unyielding strength of its characters. Neeru Bajwa once again proves why she’s considered the queen of Punjabi cinema, delivering a performance that is both compelling and deeply moving.

The screenplay is crafted to keep you engaged, with moments that make you laugh, cry, and cheer for the protagonists. Despite its lengthy runtime, the film ensures that every minute counts, taking you through a rollercoaster of emotions. This emotional depth, combined with a stellar cast, has been the driving force behind the film’s anticipation.

However, it’s crucial to mention that “Buhe Bariyan” does struggle at moments to offer something new. The lack of originality in certain plots might leave some audiences wanting more. Yet, the performances by the assembled star cast manage to uplift the film, presenting it as a piece worth watching for anyone who appreciates stories of resilience and strength.

Story of the Movie

“Buhe Bariyan” presents a compelling narrative centered around the resilience and tenacity of women in a patriarchal society. At the heart of the story is Bhuro Bebe, portrayed by Nirmal Rishi, who emerges as a beacon of hope for oppressed women. Her journey, imbued with feminist ideologies, outlines a profound struggle against ingrained societal norms.

As the plot unfolds, you’re drawn into the life of Bhuro Bebe, a character whose unwavering resolve and desire to aid the tortured souls of the community underscore the narrative. Her decision to run for Sarpanchi elections marks a pivotal moment in the film, pitting her against male adversaries employing underhanded tactics to undermine her campaign. Yet, it’s not just about the political battle; it’s a broader fight for recognition and equality.

Amidst the strife and turbulence, the movie intricately highlights the importance of solidarity and support among women. Through characters like Raavi, a newcomer to Punjabi cinema portrayed by Simran Chahal, the film injects a fresh perspective on modernity, seamlessly blending it with the traditional essence embodied by other key figures such as Neeru Bajwa’s Prem Kaur.

However, “Buhe Bariyan” does not shy away from addressing its own narrative shortcomings. The story occasionally veers off track, only to realign itself with the core themes of feminism and empowerment. These moments of deviation are expertly navigated, ensuring the film’s message remains potent and impactful. Even as it delves into clichés, the movie strives to maintain a balance, offering a thought-provoking examination of the struggles faced by women.

In essence, the film serves as both a reflection and a critique, aiming to spark dialogue and inspire change. As you continue through the story of “Buhe Bariyan”, keep an eye on the interplay between character development and thematic exploration, for it is here that the film truly finds its strength.

Lead Actors and Supporting Cast

In “Buhe Bariyan”, the ensemble cast led by Neeru Bajwa shines as a notable highlight, demonstrating a blend of seasoned talent and fresh faces. Bajwa, known for her strong screen presence, embodies her role with a grace that anchors the film’s ambitious narrative. Her character, while central to the unfolding drama, is given ample support by a diverse group of actors who each add depth and flavour to the story.

Nirmal Rishi, playing the pivotal role of Bhuro Bebe, showcases a commanding performance that resonates with the audience. Her portrayal epitomizes resilience and challenge against societal norms, making her character an unforgettable pillar of the narrative. The supporting cast, including Rubina Bajwa, Simran Chahal, and Seema Kaushal, brings a mix of experience and innovation to the table. Their roles are crafted to provide a modern perspective alongside the traditional setting, balancing the film’s thematic ambitions with relatable human emotions.

Emerging talents like Jatinder Kaur and Rupinder Rupi embrace their characters with authenticity, contributing to the film’s emotional landscape. Their performances, though varied, weave a cohesive thread through the narrative, enriching the plot with moments of joy, sorrow, and triumph. The casting of Gurpreet Bhangu and Baljinder Kaur further solidifies the film’s commitment to showcasing strong female figures, each adding a unique layer to the exploration of women’s resilience.

Despite the film’s pacing and narrative struggles, the cast’s collective effort remains a beacon of potential, indicating that the strength of performances can sometimes transcend screenplay limitations. The diversity of roles, coupled with the actors’ dedication to their craft, ensures that “Buhe Bariyan” leaves a mark on its viewers, compelling them to reflect on the themes of women’s empowerment and societal change.

Music and Soundtrack

When exploring the rich tapestry of “Buhe Bariyan”, the music and soundtrack stand out as pivotal elements that deeply enhance the storytelling experience. Integral to the emotional resonance of the film, the soundtrack is a meticulously curated blend of traditional Punjabi folk and contemporary genres, mirroring the narrative’s juxtaposition of modernity and tradition. This duality not only enriches the plot but also serves as a bridge between different generations of viewers.

The title track, “Buhe Bariyan”, emerges as a lyrical embodiment of longing and love, swiftly becoming an anthem for those who cherish deeply rooted Punjabi melodies. Its composition cleverly intertwines with the film’s thematic elements, acting as a narrative device that progresses the story. As you delve deeper into the soundtrack, each song unfolds like a chapter, aligning with key moments in the film, thereby amplifying the emotional depth of the characters’ journeys.

Beyond the title song, the soundtrack features a variety of tracks that cater to a wide range of musical tastes. From upbeat bhangra numbers that are instinctively foot-tapping to soulful ballads that evoke a sense of introspection, the music of “Buhe Bariyan” ensures that there’s something for everyone. It’s this versatility that has contributed to the soundtrack’s widespread acclaim, with several tracks climbing the charts and becoming fixtures on playlists across the country.

The genius behind the soundtrack lies not only in its composition but also in the impeccable selection of voices that breathe life into the lyrics. Each vocalist is carefully chosen to match the emotional tone of their respective song, resulting in a deeply immersive auditory experience. As you listen, you’re transported into the world of “Buhe Bariyan”, walking alongside the characters as they navigate their joys, sorrows, and triumphs.

In the realm of “Buhe Bariyan”, music transcends its role as a mere background element and becomes a driving force that propels the narrative forward. With its ability to convey unspoken emotions and bridge gaps between the characters and the audience, the soundtrack of “Buhe Bariyan” plays a crucial role in moulding the film’s atmosphere and accentuating its emotional core.

Worldwide Collection of Buhe Bariyan at the Box Office:

Since its much-anticipated release on September 15, 2023, Buhe Bariyan has been making waves both locally and internationally. Its box office performance is a testament to the film’s broad appeal and the star power of its cast. If you’re curious about how this rib-tickling Punjabi comedy-drama has been faring, here’s a deep dive into its worldwide collection.

In its opening weekend, Buhe Bariyan surpassed expectations, pulling in an impressive sum that positioned it strongly among other Punjabi film releases of the year.

Area Opening Weekend Collection (USD)
India $2 million
Overseas $1.5 million

This table reflects a strong start, showcasing the film’s potent mix of humour, drama, and engaging performances which resonated well with audiences both in India and abroad.

The film’s success is further highlighted by its steady performance in the following weeks. Despite new releases competing for screen space, Buhe Bariyan maintained a robust presence across cinemas. This is a rare feat, indicating not just initial curiosity but sustained interest in the movie, bolstered by positive word of mouth and critical acclaim.

Moreover, its soundtrack, blending traditional Punjabi folk with contemporary beats, has played a pivotal role in keeping the audience’s interest piqued. Each track aligned perfectly with the film’s narrative, adding an audible layer to its storytelling, which translated into more people flocking to the cinemas, curious to experience the story unfold on screen.

As weeks turned into a month, the worldwide collection showcased an upward trajectory, further cementing Buhe Bariyan as a commercial success. While exact numbers will continue to evolve, the film’s impact on Punjabi cinema is undeniable, with its blend of stellar performances, engaging plot, and foot-tapping music setting new benchmarks.


“Buhe Bariyan” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling that resonates across borders. Its success isn’t just a win for Punjabi cinema but a celebration of cultural richness and artistic excellence. With its perfect blend of humor, drama, and music, the film has not only captivated audiences but has also set a new benchmark for filmmakers. If you’re looking for a cinematic experience that offers both entertainment and emotional depth, “Buhe Bariyan” is your go-to movie. It’s a clear reminder of how cinema can transcend language and cultural barriers to touch hearts worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well did “Buhe Bariyan” perform in its opening weekend?

“Buhe Bariyan” experienced a remarkable opening weekend, captivating audiences both in India and internationally. Its strong box office performance demonstrates the film’s widespread appeal.

What keeps audiences interested in “Buhe Bariyan” over time?

The film’s mix of humour, drama, and exceptional performances keeps audiences engaged. Its ability to remain appealing amidst new releases highlights its unique charm and viewer resonance.

How does the soundtrack contribute to the film’s success?

The soundtrack, merging traditional Punjabi folk with contemporary beats, significantly enhances the storytelling. This perfect blend of music not only complements the narrative but also attracts more viewers to cinemas.

Why is “Buhe Bariyan” considered a triumph in Punjabi cinema?

“Buhe Bariyan” is seen as a commercial triumph due to its compelling narrative, stellar cast, and captivating soundtrack. It sets new standards in Punjabi cinema, further evidenced by its strong box office collection.


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